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Renewed media partnership with NCRI Cancer Conference

International Innovation is thrilled to announce the continuation of its media partnership with the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Conference for a fourth year. This collaboration supports the two organisations’ shared aim of showcasing novel advances in basic, translational and clinical cancer research. Attracting around 2,000 delegates, the NCRI Cancer Conference will take place on


Photograph of an empty fishing net

Taking stock

Overexploited, overtaxed and overstretched: a point of no return for the world’s oceanic fish stocks is rapidly approaching. International Innovation puts this environmental crisis in context, and examines the consequences of collapsing fish stocks as well as the possible solutions that might pull them back from the brink.


Public Transport Bacteria

Public transport: is it really that dirty?

International Innovation‘s Caitlin Sewell examines a new study exposing the number and variety of bacteria on the New York subway system, and explains what this profile will mean for healthcare in the future. According to research conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College on New York City’s public transport system, it really is that dirty – but



Leading the technology revolution

Tim Kelsey is the National Director for Patients and Information at NHS England and a keynote speaker at the Digital Health and Care Congress 2015. With international expertise in how digital and social media can transform the patient and their experience in public services, he discusses the role of technology in improving care. Are there


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