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The Spending Review: how will UK science be affected?

To the surprise of many UK researchers, Chancellor George Osborne has announced a less-than-anticipated 17 per cent cut to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills budget and a commitment to protecting £4.7 billion of funding for science in real terms until 2020. “In the modern world one of the best ways you can back



The communication canyon

What’s the difference between the general public and a group of scientists? It sounds like the opener to a bad joke, but the pokerfaced answer is views on science and society in the US according to a new report. The follow-up report, which is conducted by the Pew Research Center in collaboration with the American



People-centred health systems

Due to the rapidly ageing global population and an increasing burden of chronic disease, healthcare systems in countries throughout the world are facing unprecedented challenges. International Innovation shines the spotlight on people-centred health systems, asking how they might help address the health needs in modern society.


deep learning brain computer chip image

Delving into deep learning

In the run-up to RE.WORK’s Deep Learning Summit, International Innovation is presenting interviews with an array of notable speakers. Kicking off the series, Alison B Lowndes from NVIDIA touches on some of the fascinating ways in which deep learning is developing. Your work specifically covers the use of deep learning for image and feature recognition.