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Solar-powered plane

Solar-powered plane passes point of no return

Set to break the world record for the longest strictly solar-powered flight, Solar Impulse has crossed a decisive marker point between Japan and Hawaii on its round-the-world journey. Solar Impulse – a solar powered aeroplane weighing the same as a typical car – is making unexpected progress on the eighth stage of its journey around


Old postcard with different bee species

The diversity of life: Why should we care?

The latest figures estimate there are 8.7 million species on Earth, give or take 1.3 million. With new species constantly being identified, International Innovation Editor Josh Gabbatiss asks why the quest to find new species still matters. As even the most perfunctory online search reveals, new species are being discovered at an impressive rate. At the time of


Asian Tiger mosquito

The rise and rise of chikungunya virus

Dr Lara Herrero paints a picture of the Asian Tiger mosquito’s central role in the spread of chikungunya virus. It is the early hours of the morning and Jane has woken feeling flushed and hot. She looks in the mirror and notices she is covered in a rash. It has been a week since she



Exoplanetary exploration

International Innovation gives a brief introduction to the diversity of extrasolar planetary bodies, and examines the varieties of exoplanet that have been discovered so far – as well as those whose existence has been hypothesised by astronomers.


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