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Sleeping on it: the key to retrieving memories

Sleeping on it: the key to retrieving memories

A study has found that sleep makes memories more accessible and almost doubles the chances of remembering previously forgotten information. The beneficial effect of sleep on memory is well established. However, new research findings go a step further than this, suggesting that memories are sharpened and made more accessible and vivid overnight. Conducted at the



Holistic Ocean Conservation

Mark J Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation, offers an impassioned insight on how we can protect one of Earth’s most precious resources. It’s hard to imagine anyone who has not been changed by an experience of the ocean.  Whether it is to walk by her side, swim in her cooling waters, or float on


Roadmap for STEM grid image for Gender Summit Africa

A roadmap for diversity in STEM

As part of Gender Summit Africa, Ira Harkavy, Nancy Cantor and Myra Burnett detail their efforts to develop a white paper on the role higher education community engagement should play in driving equity and diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Enabling a vibrant research and education enterprise for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)



Leading the technology revolution

Tim Kelsey is the National Director for Patients and Information at NHS England and a keynote speaker at the Digital Health and Care Congress 2015. With international expertise in how digital and social media can transform the patient and their experience in public services, he discusses the role of technology in improving care. Are there


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