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International Association of Healthcare Professionals teams up with International Innovation

International Innovation is excited to announce a media partnership with the International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP) for their 26th Annual Scientific Meeting taking place in Blackpool from 18-21 July. The collaboration supports the IAHCP in showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in patient care and tackling the major challenges facing medical care and


Roadmap for STEM grid image for Gender Summit Africa

A roadmap for diversity in STEM

As part of Gender Summit Africa, Ira Harkavy, Nancy Cantor and Myra Burnett detail their efforts to develop a white paper on the role higher education community engagement should play in driving equity and diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Enabling a vibrant research and education enterprise for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)



Time waits for no one

Time is the immutable measure against which human experience is ordered and made comprehensible – but humans are not always as good at perceiving it as they believe. In fact the senses, through the processing system of the brain, are often more allied to evolutionary advantage than they are to faithful presentations of the passage



Total eclipse

Many parts of the world eagerly anticipated the solar eclipse on the morning of Friday 20 March. International Innovation’s Siân Yates notes the historical significance of the event for the scientific community. Last Friday a full solar eclipse tracked across the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, with phases visible across Europe, northern Africa, western Asia, and parts of the


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