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20% of over-65s hit harmful weekly alcohol levels

A study published in BMJ Open by King’s College London researchers has found that one in five over-65s that drink do so at unsafe levels. Using anonymised GP health records in the Borough of Lambeth, London, the researchers analysed the drinking habits of 27,991 people over the age of 65. As well as identifying that


Bumblebee emerging from hive using biovector technology

New buzz on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Here at International Innovation we like good news. We also like bees… a lot. Happily, we have an opportunity to combine the two as we proudly announce the success of Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc., which emerged from research featured here in 2014. We all know that bees do sterling work as pollinators, but they



On the vapour trail

E-cigarettes are fast becoming a controversial topic, alternately being praised as a safe tobacco substitute or decried as potentially dangerous and a ‘gateway’ into smoking for youths and non-smokers. In this week’s blog, International Innovation’s Siân Yates explores the e-cigarette phenomenon. Keen to explore the range of smoking cessation avenues available – and with a


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Sexism in peer review: A researcher’s perspective

As the scientific community worldwide is left reeling over ‘that’ chauvinistic review, Dr Clare Hoskins thinks it is time to sit back and wonder why we are all so surprised. As an active researcher, I have seen many an odd comment on peer-review responses to articles, book chapters and grant applications over the years. It


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