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Photo of coral reef

Climate, corals and conservation

Based on new climate model projections, a team of researchers led by Cornell University scientists has found that the frequency and severity of coral disease outbreaks is likely to increase in future. Coral reefs are rich in biodiversity. Although they cover less than 1 per cent of the ocean floor, they support 25 per cent



European Green Capital 2015: Bristol

Bristol is the first UK city to win the European Green Capital title, making it the sixth Green Capital after Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes and Copenhagen. Shortlisted several times in previous years, the city is finally taking the lead for 2015, having impressed the judges with its innovative, environmentally-friendly approach to transport, energy, water and food.


Scan of a baby

Little miracles

Infertility is a distressing but common condition that affects as many as one in six couples. International Innovation examines the latest scientific advances offering hope to would-be parents, including a controversial cutting-edge technique.


Censored woman image

Sexism in peer review: A researcher’s perspective

As the scientific community worldwide is left reeling over ‘that’ chauvinistic review, Dr Clare Hoskins thinks it is time to sit back and wonder why we are all so surprised. As an active researcher, I have seen many an odd comment on peer-review responses to articles, book chapters and grant applications over the years. It


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