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BIOVISION: The World Life Sciences Forum

This year’s BIOVISION conference drew together life sciences experts from academia, business, civil society and government with a shared goal: to take action to convert existing research and innovation into concrete and promising solutions for a range of global health challenges. Here, we present a round-up of key highlights from this influential event

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Why is Borneo burning?

Katie Lewis

In 2015, forest fires ravaged the Indonesian part of Borneo, leaving massive human and environmental problems in their wake. Katie Lewis looks at the economic drivers behind these fires, and asks broader questions about the tension between development and environmental protection

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Creating the new research infrastructure for the 21st Century

Ted Hewitt

The Trans-Atlantic Platform is a unique collaboration of humanities and social science funders from Europe and the Americas. International Innovation’s Rebecca Torr speaks with Ted Hewitt, President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Co-Chair of T-AP to understand more about the Platform and its pilot funding programme, Digging into Data.

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5 strategies for a successful academic career

Professor Dame Carol Black

Navigating a career in academia can often prove challenging, particularly for ambitious women who also choose to have a family. International Innovation’s Rebecca Torr speaks to Professor Dame Carol Black, Chair of the Board of the Nuffield Trust and former President of the Royal College of Physicians, to discover her strategies for moving up the academic ladder

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A look at global education headlines

Rosemary Peters

Walt Disney is famous for arguing that the greatest natural resource that any country has is the minds of its children. Here, we share stories about how governments and organisations across the globe are enacting policies and making decisions that are affecting education systems and the minds of their youngest resources

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